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It all started with a roasted mealies niche than after Library Construction World began

It all started when I did a gap year after completing first year of varsity could’nt go for second year because of financial issues which my parent could’nt afford and NSFAS offices said I didn’t qualify because I came from a middle class family and worsely I’ve been schooling in private school not knowing was studying with scholarship because of my good grades. While in the hood unemployed not having anything to do I randomly started a business of selling roasted mealies in the hood and to find out I was the only person on that type of niche around the hood, the roasted mealies niche which was only big in town by the taxi rank Illing road area. When I started I had to much of critics my mom was totally embarassed by my business niche, friends laughed at I and my girl left me because they took me as crazy.But because of my positive attitude I went towards the critics I carried on focusing on my niche to cut things short they didn’t have no idea how much was I doing a day, I went to town to stock raw mealies for R2.50 each and sold them at R10 each in the hood meaning If I buy 200 mealies I bought them for R500 and sold each for R10 meaning a day I make R2000 and my profit was R1500 they didn’t know that I was laughing alone when I went to save it at my savings account my mom starting believing at my business niche but preaching to me to go back to school next year knowing was making more money than a working person my friends wanted to partner with I and I allowed them but my girl never came back sad but nah asimuyeke lol and my business went down coz I involved people who were not passionate about my niche they robbed I when I was not around. So a lesson to those in business follow your niche and careless on what others saying about you and your business niche just push until the finish.Do business with true leaders

Black Taxation

The Problem that’s facing African black graduates is “Black Taxation ” ,after graduating it’s not guaranteed that your qualification could earn you a job immediately but some of us we get lucky by entitled with one and you’ll find out that either your single parent or parents were in debts applying for loans to invest on your tertiary education which doesn’t promise you a guaranteed job after graduation.Once upon the time in an isolated township called Ezakheni within Ladysmith town in KZN coming from a big family of four boys and a last born whose a lady raised by a single mother whose profession was a Primary School principal.Growing up has been drastically sceptical with a lot of emotional shifts analysing and seeing your parent going through changes and adaptations hanging on there being strong in trying to hold the family’s pride without the presence of his late deceased husband leaving her as the only bread winner amongst the family, the department of education paid her well issued paycheck after tax man but because of pressure and trying to juggle responsibilities taking us to the best schools without no assistant or financial adviser guiding her on balancing her paycheck balance sheet on monitoring her liabilities and assets.There was the time where debts started haunting seeing your parent struggle financially also I without no financial literacy to offer too.Seeing her becoming susceptible towards
Banks for loans